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SuperNova Intro

Supernova public chain is an application public chain based on double-chain technology. Supernova has two main chains with strong coupling, one of which uses POW technology to solve security problems, the other chain solves speed problems, achieves scalability, and can realize mainstreams such as BTC, ETH (including many ERC20 tokens), EOS, etc. The cross-chain interoperability of public chains and some alliance chains and private chains opens up free communication between information flow and asset flow, and solves the problem of islands.

In the Supernova double-chain system, the application chain adopts the DPOS+PBFT consensus mechanism, and has functions such as cross-chain protocol, anti-quantum computing, and distributed payment. This idea of Supernova will break the "Impossible Triangle" in the public chain. The dual-chain system can simultaneously solve the problem of security and decentralized first-level scalability, and achieve the following service directions:

1. Inclusive participation allows more users to enter the field of digital assets with a low threshold.

2. Give full play to the efficient and transparent role of the decentralized system, and then realize the credible circulation of assets on different chains.

3. Help the implementation of blockchain projects and realize more blockchain application services.